July 23, 2024

Pre-retirement benefits

The Single Insurance Fund for Bank Employees (ETAT) was established by Article 60 of Law 3371/2005 (Government Gazette, Series I, No 78) as a supplementary insurance institution that is a legal person governed by public law as of 1 September 2005, under the supervision of the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Welfare, in accordance with the structural regulations of the aforementioned Law 3371/2005 (Articles 58-62) and Law 3455/2006, Article 26(1) (Government Gazette, Series I, No 84), with the aim of including the persons insured and the pensioners of the supplementary insurance funds of credit institutions.

Pursuant to the provisions of Articles 51(2)(b) and 53(1)(h) of Law 4387/2016 (Government Gazette, Series I, No 85) ETAT joined EFKA as of 1 January 2017 (and already e-EFKA under Article 1 of Law 4670/20120, Government Gazette, Series I, No 43) for the purpose of granting:

  1. pre-retirement benefits and the difference of the supplementary pension TEAPETE to the pensioners and to the persons insured by ETAT until 31 December 1992 who, by the entry into force of the law (i.e. until 12-5-2016), had established the entitlement to receive the relevant benefit, in accordance with the terms and conditions of retirement of the relevant insurance companies (TEAPETE, TAPTP and LAK)
  2. the benefits prior to the establishment of retirement status to the pensioners of the former ETEAM (later ETEA, ETEAEP and now e-EFKA, Article 73A paragraph 4 of Law 4387/2016). Article 73A of Law 4387/2016 redefined the method of calculating the benefits paid by the former ETAT.

Circular No Φ80020/οικ.22103/Δ15.404/7-9-2016 (Internet Posting Number: 6ΟΙΔ465Θ1Ω-ΟΜ5) of our Ministry set out the terms regulating the ETAT.

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