April 24, 2024

Social Security Council

The General Secretariat of Social Insurance has set up Social Security Council (SKA) whose role is advisory and consists of the following members:

a) The Secretary General of the General Secretariat, as President, who is replaced by the Vice-President.

b) A Legal Counsellor of the Legal Council of the State or a retired senior judicial officer or a member of the Teaching Research Staff at a Higher Education Institution, preferably a specialist in insurance matters, as Vice-President.

c) A member of the Teaching Research Staff of the Higher Education Institution and their deputy, as a member.

d) A Special Advisor or Scientific Associate of the Ministry and their deputy.

e) The competent General Director of the General Secretariat for Social Security, whose stand-in is the Director of the General Secretariat for Social Security.

f) An Actuary and their deputy.

g) An employer’s representative and their deputy.

h) Two representatives of the insured and their deputies.


The Social Security Council is responsible for:

a) Giving an opinion on any proposal to amend, supplement or repeal statutory provisions of the insurance organisations under the responsibility of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, concerning the insured persons, the amount of insurance contributions (of the insured and the employer) and to charge them with additional fees and default interest in cases of late payment, the conditions, the extent, the amount and termination of all kinds of insurance benefits granted and the recognition and redemption of previous service.

b) Giving an opinion on disputes regarding the inclusion in the compulsory insurance of persons or categories of employees or on disputes concerning successive insurance pursuant to Legislative Decree No 4202/61 (Government Gazette, Series I, No 175, 19.9.61) or other more specific laws.

c) Decision-making on issues of dismissal of employees insured in social security organisations who enjoy the special protection provided by the provisions of Compulsory Law 694/37 as amended by Legislative Decree No 713/1970 (Government Gazette, Series I, No 237, 7.11.70).

d) Giving an opinion on any matter provided for by a general special provision or of general insurance and social importance referred by the Minister for Labour and Social Affairs.

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