June 23, 2024

Invalidity appraisal

As of 1 September 2011, all the invalidity certification committees that operated at the Social Security Agencies, the Prefectures and the State were abolished, with the exception of the Supreme Health Committees of the Army (ASYE), the Navy (ANYE), and the Aviation (AAYE) and the Supreme Health Committee of the Hellenic Police, which continue to discharge their duties.

Pursuant to Law 3863/2010, the Centre for Certifying Invalidity (KEPA) was created to ensure a unified health approach to the determination of the degree of invalidity of the insured for all insurance bodies, including the State, as well as uninsured people for whom invalidity certification is required.

The Health Committees (of KEPA) have the following tasks:

  1. to determine the invalidity rate for an invalidity pension;
  2. to characterise persons as disabled;
  3. to determine the degree of disability for all social and economic benefits or facilities for which a disability opinion is required and which are granted by the state to persons with disabilities.
  4. In order for the interested citizens to be examined by the Health Committee of KEPA, they must fill in a relevant application in accordance with the instructions. The application form, other additional instructions for the application process (required documents and other general information), as well as the addresses where the KEPA secretariats throughout the country are located can be found in the following files.
  5. More information and details can be found on the dedicated e-EFKA website (click here). Also, eEFKA has developed and provides electronic services to citizens which can be used by any interested person to submit their application electronically, as well as to object to any outcome, monitor their application online, etc. This service is available through the website (click here).

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