April 16, 2024

Social housing policies

Housing benefit

The Housing Benefit is a welfare program for low income households that have to pay rent for their primary residence.

The housing benefit amounts to:

  • 70€/monthfor a single-person household, increased by:
    • 35€/monthfor every additional member.

Households may apply directly through the program’s online platform (by using their personal taxis code numbers) or through the competent services of Municipalities, or Community Centers of their place of residence. The application is approved if they meet the income, property and other criteria set by the Joint Ministerial Decision on the program.

Additional information and applications can be submitted at epidomastegasis.gr


Housing and Work

The program «Housing and Work for the Homeless» is targeted at homeless persons and families as an additional policy in the context of public policies to combat homelessness.

The program includes rent subsidy for a period of twenty four (24) months, provision of psycho-social support and link to supplementary social benefits and services as well as services for the activation, training and access to the labour market.

This is a follow up of programs implemented in 2014 and 2018.

Further information on other actions to combat homelessness can be found at astegoi.gov.gr

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