November 28, 2022

Hellenic Labour Inspectorate (SEPE)

SΕPΕ, the Hellenic Labour Inspectorate, is the enforcement authority of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, intended to guarantee a decent working environment, ensuring the application of labour law in both the labour relations field, as well as occupational safety and health (OSH).

In addition, SEPE is responsible to inspect, in parallel and independently of other social security organisations, the employees’ social security, and thus playing a significant role in the battle against undeclared work in Greece.

SEPE’s basic competencies and responsibilities:

  1. Providing advice to both employers and employees on the most effective means of complying with applicable rules and regulations
  2. Performing in workplace with the aim of ensuring the correct application of applicable rules and regulations in the field, of among others:
    • labour and social security law
    • occupational health and safety
    • certain provisions of social security law
    • undeclared work
    • international employment
  1. Creating a reconciliation spirit between employers and employees in the context of a dispute
  2. Imposing the legislative sanctions, as a repressive action.

SEPE was established in 1998 by Law 2639/1998 “Regulation of work relations, establishment of the Labour Inspectorate and other provisions” (A’ 205). In 2011, SEPE was reorganized by Law 3996/2011 “Reform of the body of Labour Inspectors, regulations of Social Security issues and other provisions” (A’ 170).

Its organisational structure is determined by P.D. 134/2017 “Organization of the Ministry of Labour, Social security and Social Solidarity” (A’ 168).

SEPE is headed by the General Inspector (par. 13 of article 111 of law 4622/2019) and resides is under the General Secretariat of Labour, of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (par. 1 of article 7 of P.D. 84/2019).

SEPE is comprised by Labour Relations Inspectorate and the Occupational Safety and Health Inspectorate.

Its territorial jurisdiction extends throughout the Hellenic territory and its substantive responsibilities are exercised by both its Central and Regional Services.


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