July 14, 2024

Salary Payment

Time of salary payment

Salary must be paid at the end of each period being the basis of its calculation (day-week-month). However, under a different explicit or implicit agreement, it may be specified that the monthly salary will not be paid at the end of each month but at intervals (at the end of each week or fortnight), as it may also be specified that the wage will not be paid every day but at the end of each week. In case that there is no specific agreement on the time of salary payment, the last day of the period based on which the salary is calculated is considered due payment date, in the sense that from that day, any employer who does not pay the salary is in default of payment and therefore he has to pay interest for late payment.

Payment Method

In accordance with Joint Ministerial Decision no. 26034/695/2019 (B 2363), employers are obliged to deposit their workers’ salaries solely into the beneficiaries’ payment accounts, stating the justification and the time period concerned for each payment. Payment into the accounts of beneficiaries-employees is made by any other means, including the use of electronic means of payment or payment service providers.

Relevant institutional framework:

  • Article 655 of the Civil Code
  • Article 12, para.1 of International Labour Convention 95/1949 ratified by Law 3248/55 (Government Gazette A’ 138)
  • Joint Ministerial Decision No. 26034/695/2019 (Government Gazette B’ 2362)
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