July 18, 2024

Holiday Allowances

Holiday allowances for those employed under a private-law employment relationship (dependent employment relationship) are regulated by Ministerial Decision No. 19040/1981 (GG B’ 742) as in force. Specifically, paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of Article 1 of the said decision stipulate that all employees who are paid a salary or wage are entitled to:

  1. Christmas Bonus equal to one monthly salary for salaried workers and to 25 wages for wage workers
  2. Easter Bonus equal to half the monthly salary for salaried workers and to 15 wages for wage workers.

The above mentioned allowances are paid in full if the employment relationship of the employees with their employer lasted for the entire period, i.e., for the Easter Bonus from 1 January to 30 April and for the Christmas Bonus from 1 May to 31 December. Employees, whose employment relationship with the employer- liable for the payment of Christmas and Easter Bonus did not last for the entire above mentioned period, are entitled to:

  1. An amount equal to 2/25 of the monthly salary or two (2) wages, depending on the agreed payment method for each nineteen-day period of their employment relationship, as Christmas Bonus, and
  2. An amount equal to 1/15 of half the monthly salary or wage, depending on the agreed payment method, for each eight-day period of their employment relationship, within the time periods referred to paragraph 2 of the present article, as Easter Bonus.

For a time period shorter than 19 days or 8 days respectively, they are entitled to the proportionate fraction of the bonus.

Relevant Legislation

  • Joint Ministerial Decision 19040/1981 (GG B’ 742)
  • Joint Ministerial Decision 2006743/538/0022/1991 (GG B’ 170)


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