April 16, 2024

Network of structures for women – victims of violence

The General Secretariat for Demographic and Family Policy and Gender Equality has a complete nationwide Network of Structures for preventing and combating violence and multiple discrimination against women, which consists of:

The Counseling Centers

  1. a) 14 Counseling Centers, which are operated by the Center for Research on Equality Issues (KETHI-NPID, supervised body under GSDFPGE),
  2. b) 28 Counseling Centers, operated by respective Municipalities and
  3. c) 1 Counseling Center that is organically part of the General Secretariat.

The Counseling Centers are staffed with specialized scientific personnel of consultants specialized in approaching women from the perspective of gender. They provide women who turn to them; free information and counseling services, in the context of integrated psychosocial and legal support actions and work counseling.

The Shelters for Abused Women

a) 18 Shelters are operated by respective Municipalities and

b) 1 Shelter operated by the National Center for Social Solidarity (EKKA).

The Shelters host women victims of violence with their children, according to their Rules of Procedure.

The SOS Telephone Line 15900

The SOS line 15900 is addressed to women victims of violence. It is nationwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with urban charge. The line is staffed with psychologists and social scientists that provide immediate assistance in emergencies and violence. The SOS hotline offers information and telephone counseling services to victims of all forms of gender-based violence and is provided free of charge for calls from Vodafone and Wind and is charged with a local call unit from Cosmote.

Any woman experiencing incidents of violence (gender or domestic) can call the SOS 15900 hotline or send an email to: sos15900@isotita.gr

The website metoogreece.gr

Metoogreece.gr is the website of the State that collects all the necessary information and emergency telephone numbers on issues of sexual harassment, abuse and authoritarian violence and actions to combat them. The website also announces initiatives aimed at helping everyone to act against to any form of harassment and abuse.


More information at isotita.gr

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