July 20, 2024

Combating Poverty

Guaranteed Minimum Income

The Guaranteed Minimum Income is a welfare program addressed to households and homeless people living in conditions of extreme poverty. Guests in Transitional Shelters and Shelters for women-victims of violence- can also apply for it. The program combines:

  1. Income Support

The amount guaranteed by the program is:

  • 200€/month for a single-person household, increased by:
    • 100€/month for each additional adult and
    • 50€/month for each minor member
  1. Beneficiaries’ access to complementary social services, benefits and goods.
  2. Activation services: provided that beneficiaries are able to work, they are encouraged to participate in actions targeted at their integration or reintegration into the labour market.

Household owners may file an online application for the program (using their personal taxis codes) or via the competent services of the Municipalities or the Community Centers of their municipality of residence. The application is approved if the income, asset and other criteria set out in the Joint Ministerial Decision on the program are met.

Joint Ministerial Decision No.Δ13/οικ./33475/1935 (Government Gazette B’2281) lays down the terms and conditions for the implementation of the Guaranteed Minimum Income scheme.

More information and application to keaprogram.gr


Social Structures for Immediate Poverty Eradication

“Social Structures for Immediate Poverty Eradication” (dormitories, open-day centers for the homeless, soup kitchens, social groceries and social pharmacies) is a network of social structures which operates at local level and was developed in order to respond to the needs of vulnerable population groups, such as:

  • Homeless
  • People living at or below the poverty line

Social services and community centers of the municipality of residence give more information on the services provided and the access to social structures.

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